A mundane action movie that benefited from very good cinematography. The setting is also wonderful, even though the material in the setting is sometimes subpar. The film carves out nicely the personality of Judge Dredd, a good combination of mystery and rightfulness. Would have loved to know a little more about the characters but that would have taken the personality away. The film can sometimes be a little gory, but it works out nicely in this instance considering the broader context.

《My fair lady》观后感

I have been longing to watch this film the first day I knew it is going to be released simply because I was a super fan of Facebook. (still is but having no access to it since I came back to China, I guess all I can say is "was",sigh.) My friend in Canada, who is not even a Facebook user, highly recommend it to me after watching it. After knowing Roger Ebert, my favorite film critic, has credited it as one of the top 10 movies of the year 2010, I thought I should not delay watching it further.

It was not the first time I saw Hepburn on the screen, but no matter how many times I watched her films, her beauty always strikes me right to the heart.

I should say, the Social Network lives up to its reputation as one of the bests in 2010 with the caveat that as Roger Ebert has pointed out, there aren't many good ones in 2010.

No further admiration shall be addressed to her since there is no need to do so, for words always fail me.

Why I like it so?

Apart from her, the film is still wonderful and absolutely worthy of watching. There is no more pleasure than to enjoy this film with little snacks in your hands, and a cup of hot chocolate on the desk, and you lying on the cozy and comfy bed, everything quiet and dark outside, but warm and bright inside.

I love the fact that it is half biographical and half fictional. Was Facebook really created out of the pure reason that Mark's GF dumped him? Not really. Was Mark really as nerdy and atrocious as in the Movie? Not necessarily. Did Mark really get himself into lawsuits? Yes, that is true.

Actually, what attracts me most is not the beauty of Hepburn, or at least not the sole attraction to me, but the British-to-the-bone gentleman of Colonel Pickering, the dignity of the flower girl Eliza, and other small characters in the film.

It is not uncommon for movies with biographical content to use "flashback" frequently. What sets this movie apart from the many is that the flashbacks are the meat here. What's going on NOW, the lawsuits, just stick everything else together, just like the bones do, sparsely yet indispensably.

Colonel Pickering is absolutely the most favorable character to me in this film, for he is such a kind and humorous gentleman. Now I have to admit that though US and UK both speak English, their people are both very nice, and sometimes the British are even more arrogant, I still prefer Britain. It’s the culture in their bones that sends out invitation. Nearly every educated man in Britain know how to treat a woman, that is, to treat her like a lady. Of course, Professor Higgins is a typical counterexample of that. But just look at Pickering, and those nice old chaps who sell goods with Eliza, they treat her warm-heartedly, never think of her as a poor flower girl.

The opening sequence is the best I have seen in recent years. In Mark's super fast gibberish, our interest was hooked up and his ego and genius were exposed. (I had to go back and forth a couple of times, to be honest, to get everything out of the conversation, something I do not recall doing since "Pulp Fiction"). Rarely do we see such an efficient opening. Thumbs way up to the screenplay writer!

What Eliza said in the film should be remembered by every man who wants to find a girl. “The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated. ”

Overall, the pacing was superb, fast forward but not to the extreme of mind-blowing.

And it’s also interesting to see that the flower girl is always shouting one line: “I am a good girl, I really am. ” To tell people that she is a good girl, a flower girl has to shout out loud, but a lady never has to. Once she channeled her accent into the decent class, and dress properly, no one will doubt a bit about her status. In this sense, the film is very much like the one I saw years ago, the Million Pound Note, written by Mark Twain and adapted in film. Funny thing is that this film was set in London with a British flower girl, while that story is also set in London, but with a poor American young lad. How interesting it is to think that there are many rich old gentlemen in London, with nothing to do everyday but to catch a random guy on the street and make a bet. I almost been to doubt whether these two films learn from each other in terms of creating humor.

The dialogues were witty and humorous, nicely showing everyone's upbringing and personality.

And the other small but warm characters in the film is also what makes this film not very fake. There is a stubborn lad who would rather stays all night waiting and singing down Eliza’s house than leave and believe that she was born in a poor family. There is Ms. Pearse, caring almost like a mother to Eliza, worrying about her future when Professor Higgins never give it a thought. And also Mrs.Higgins, the mother of that EQ-less professor. She is just the right kind of mother that every girlfriend yearns for. She always stands on Eliza’s side and even helps Eliza to teach her son a lesson.

The actors all gave a stellar performance. Jesse Eisenberg has proven again that he is a "character actor", able to live in a role that is totally different from his past. Justin Timberlake was a total surprise. There is something to be said about a big time pop singer playing the creator of Napster:). It is also nice to get to know a few actors who are not only handsome but also can act such as Andrew Garfield (as the co-founder of Facebook) and Joseph Mazzelo (as Dustin).

Although I know the ending is very absurd and a little abrupt, because before the ending, during the whole film, Higgins never treat Eliza as a proper girl, or even a proper human being just like him. But then, in the end, when Eliza left him, he suddenly become lonely, he felt uncomfortable without her. After 6 months of days and nights together, working for the same goal, it’s hard for any one to not have any feeling towards his or her workmate, let alone such an attractive and innocent girl. And I believe that maybe it’s exactly her innocence and straightforwardness that tied him close to her heart.

The music was superb, sometimes electronic, sometimes old-fashioned ballad, yet always able to tickle you.

“The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.” That’s what I remember after the film. And “just you wait.” If only I have a teacher like Higgins, I could have become a Asian British as well. Maybe his method is a bit extreme, when he stuff marbles into her mouth and forced her to read, but it works, doesn’t it?

The settings were all so real, be it the cold, snowy evening in the northeast Ivy school, or the hot, sunny afternoon on the west coast beach; be it the rush for the fraternity, or the clubbing, the booze and doze at the parties. You see the real side of American campus life and also the evil side of elites' social life in the U.S.

A little more toughness and persistence, everyone can make it.

Back to what drawed me to the movie in the first place: its subject. Mark, the creator of one of the most influencial websites in our social life, must be a colorful figure himself. What is more interesting is how the idea stuck him. The movie gave an entertaining if not all real explanation.

Higgins falls in love with a girl who is almost re-made by him, from a dirty rude flower girl to an elegant decent lady. I hope he loves her because of who she originally is, but not the decent accent and elegant behavior that he taught her. Or else, it would be so pathetic.

One of my friends used to say that the Western world is "a society of strangers" while China is "a society of acquaintances". I couldn't agree with him more. It is human nature, however, to care about what is going on with people we know from time to time, even if we care about ourselves first and foremost. No wonder Facebook can prosper (especially in the western world) in a big way. It allows us to reconnect with people we know and connect with those that we barely know. To put it not so nicely, it satisfies our voyeuristic interest.

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On the other hand, it allows us to show our personality through long personal profile, pictures, "where you have been to", books you read, what's on your mind, etc, etc. In other words, it satisfies our alter egos.

What's cool about Facebook is that it also shows your status as "single", "in a relationship", "married" or something else. The movie tells the anecdote of how this feature was created.

Unlike other movies that also study social phenomenon (such as Wall Street 2), this movie is not superficial. It is more of an in-depth character study of the internet generation. SNS like Facebook seemingly facilitate interaction between people but like what happened to Mark, it may shatter our chances and capabilities of face-to-face communication. After all, there is not a better way to communicate than the face-to-face heart-to-heart. Nothing else, not phone calls, not online-chatting, not twittering, can replace it.

The movie also shows the hidden snobbery in the American society. Those kids with "rich daddy" or daddy with connections clash with those that are all by themselves. America is probably the country with the highest level of equality among nationals. Yet, there is still the social class division by wealth. What is worse, the inequality widens over the years and the social mobility (especially the upward movement between social classes) is still quite rigid.

Overall, the movie is a must-see for everyone. For youngsters, it depicts our time. For older ones, it is a good way to comprehend the mindset of the young.

Verdict: 9.5 out of 10


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