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  • Bulgari was founded in 1884. In the early years Bulgari was known for silver pieces that were inspired by Islamic art. At the time Paris was fashion...


  • The Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas reinvents Chypre and fills his Roman night with hypnotic nocturnal flowers: night-blooming Jasmine...

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  • A unique sensual signature, a statement of masculinity. A sensual neo-oriental fragrance, daring charismatic, expressing a new statement of...

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  • The vibrant scent is a daring reminder to run, jump, and dance into every day with sweetness and spontaneity. Alberto Morillas, master perfumer...

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Known first for their exquisite jewellery, Bvlgari has accessorised some of the wealthiest and most sophisticated people in the world for over a century. This luxurious Italian brand draws its inspiration from eternally elegant Roman and Greek art, with a twist of contemporary flair to create timeless combinations that will make anyone stand out from the crowd.

With this kind of classic style and remarkable heritage, it stands to reason that the fragrances made by Bvlgari are equally beautiful. Expertly blended, and intimately seductive, each perfume and aftershave is dedicated to eternal, sexual qualities of both men and women. Legendary scents in the collection include Goldea and Omnia, both paying tribute to the power, grace and sensuality of women.

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